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TPI to TBI Converter

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Unleash the Kraken!

Moves the Injectors from the Transfer Port to the Throttle body, optimizing fuel & air mix.

New position for Oil hose position which will inject 2-stroke oil directly between the injectors.

Quick fuel connect using the OEM connections. No need to cut or fumble with any hoses.

It doesn't remove the Oil Reservoir or Pump.


• Improved torque gain in low RPMS
• Fix the AutoLub issue - from older TPI models
• Reuse your Fuel Hoses and use the OEM quick-connect
• Manufactured in Aluminum Billet

When installing, have handy:

Blue Loctite (all screws but the Oil Injector port) and Red Loctite (Use it on the Oil Injector Injector)

• You will need to have new hose brackets available to reuse your OEM fuel Hoses.

Kit comes with:

• 01 Injector reallocation flange
01 Quick connect + 01 O’ring
• 01 Niple Auto Lub
• 02 cylinder closures + 04 O’rings
• 04 Screws


Fits any Husqvarna, KTM, or Gas Gas with TPI engines from 2018-2023.