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Radiator Hose Protector

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We're sure you have a friend that got his Radiator Hose, broken, cut, and/or shredded while going through the gnarliest trails, or simply that one that dropped the bike and broke it. :)

For those lucky ones, or for those who want the best protection we bring you the Radiator Hose Protector (with a ring announcer voice). Below, its magic powers

  • Protects the lower Hose between the Radiator Hose and the Engine
  • Short or Long
  • Use the Short version on Bikes that use the Thermostatic valve system (complete system or partial) - Measurement: Length 49mm x Diameter 27mm 
  • Use the Long version on Bikes that completely eliminated the Thermostatic system - Measurement: Length 85mm x Diameter 27mm
  • Multiple colors
  • Manufactured in Aluminum Billet
  • Blingability


  • KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas
  • Other Brands with the above requirements